B i o

Me and the love of my life, Cooper, he keeps me sane...sort of (sanity is overrated) By the way, I do doggie portraits on commission.
I'm adopted, not that that makes any difference in my development, but people find it interesting. I'm an only child raised by one parent, my wonderful mom. My early years were spent at Waldorf School, which helped develop my imagination and creativity. After graduating from public high school I did the Eurrail thing around ... you guessed it, Europe. I then spent a few years as an Au Pair in Italy. When I returned I began guiding white water rafting trips down the American River in the California foothills.

In my late twenties I received an Environmental Biology Degree from UC Davis. I did field work in no-wheres-ville New Mexico...and loved it. I followed that up with working for the Golden Gate National Park Service. After which I started a non-profit and did a documentary concerning the attitudes of Americans about population and the future of the planet. Whew.

And then I started painting. AND then, I developed adult onset epilepsy. Or it may have been the other way around. Epilepsy has confined me to the house more than I'm happy with. I still haven't come to terms with this one. So, there you go. That's a brief history of me.